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Chia pudding

Desserts are always on the top of the list when you are in a restaurant for a treat and want to try a recipe at home. You can’t eliminate the desserts even if are a weight watcher and health-conscious person. So let us not prevent these cravings. One of the simple ways to please your brain when you have any cravings, try this overnight chia pudding that is loaded with fruits.

If you want to avoid any sweetener at all you can easily skip the sweeteners that are used in this recipe and add more fruits to compensate. Moreover, chia seeds are healthy and can be easily adapted into our daily routine.

Is the Overnight chia pudding a healthy dessert?

Yes, as long as you are consuming in a moderate quantity and use the fruits for it is sweetness.

Can I eat the Overnight chia pudding for breakfast?

Yes, A easier make-ahead breakfast recipe if you are in a hurry. You can soak and store the chia seed in the refrigerator. Slice and chop the fruits of your choice, add the sweetener, and sprinkle chopped nuts for a crunchy breakfast. You can pack this breakfast in a container for a to-go breakfast.

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