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Tomato jam

This is one of the best side dishes or a spread to a bread, chapati or wrap. Yes, I am talking about the homemade tomato jam recipe, a healthy alternative to store-bought jams and spreads that include preservatives and artificial flavourings. This recipe can be made ahead to ease up the morning breakfast work if you want to have bread. The best thing about this homemade jam is you can control your sugar intake by adjusting the sugar level according to your need and taste. This recipe helps me in a way to adjust the sweetness I need.

Is our homemade tomato jam cost-effective?

That depends based on the quality of fruits and ingredients you use. One thing is for sure, they are tasty and healthy as we know what are ingredients we use.

Are the homemade jams are worth trying?

Yes, If you want healthy yet tasty food that too you prepared for your family with the best ingredients. You can prepare this jam if you are into easing up the weekdays routine.

How to store homemade tomato jam?

This jam will stay in a refrigerator for up to one month. If you plan to store for more time add lemon juice or citric acid to extend its shelf life.

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