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Platter Ideas are famous among kids because of the variety of items in small quantities displayed. Party platters and snack platters are well-known platter ideas. I made this homemade fish and chips some time back. It stayed in the draft. Finally, this recipe is ready to publish.

First of all, what is platter?

A platter is a general term used in restaurants, to mention the main dish that is served along with one or more side dishes. Indian thali, meat platters are convenient examples. The side dishes can be a salad, fries, or any particular side dish that goes along with that particular main dish.

How do you make a lunch|dinner platter?

Generally, the lunch|dinner platter or tray includes more varieties of food or food ingredients to pick from. Most platters include fruits, vegetables, cooked eggs, nuts, dry fruits, cheese, cream cheese, cured meats, and preserved vegetables to ease the process or lessen the workload.

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