Boba pearls made using tapioca starch- homemade bubble tea pearls
Homemade bubble tea pearls

Like anyone, I drink Boba-bubble tea occasionally whenever I get a chance. The premade bubble pearls are preventing me from using it because of the artificial colour and the flavourings it has.

After the circuit breaker tightened in Singapore the small bubble tea shops closed. So I tried to make some Boba-bubble tea pearls from scratch. I am crossing my fingers as this is my first time.

The common types of boba include black, clear, flavoured, popping and mini. The boba can be used in milk tea, brown sugar tea, taro milk tea, fruit tea, cheese tea and can be in many types of drinks.

Things needed for Boba-bubble tea pearls

Tapioca starch

Tapioca Flour is one of our most versatile gluten-free flours. This starchy, slightly sweet flour is a staple in gluten-free baking and a fantastic thickening agent in soups, sauces and pie fillings. Tapioca starch is the main ingredient in this bubble tea pearl recipe.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is a less-refined stage of ordinary white sugar, and molasses is a byproduct of the refining process. You can use raw sugar as well.

My kids enjoyed these bubbles for the first time along with dessert and milk shakes.

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Boba pearls made using tapioca starch- homemade bubble tea pearls

Boba-bubble tea pearls

SG Chef
A homemade boba-bubble tea pearls made from scratch using brown sugar and tapioca starch.
Course Appetizer, Drinks, Party Food
Cuisine Asian
Servings 8


  • cups Tapioca starch
  • ½ cup Brown sugar
  • ½ cup Water

Braising syrup

  • 1 cup Water
  • ½ cup Brown sugar


  • Add water in a pan. Bring it to boil.
  • Add the brown sugar listed in the ingredients for Boba. Add mix well until it dissolves.
  • Add the tapioca starch and stir continuously and vigorously to avoid lumps and burning.
  • Cook till it forms into a smooth paste.
  • Keep aside for cooling.
  • When the dough is warm enough to handle, knead it to make a smooth dough.
  • If the dough is sticky use some tapioca flour and knead.
  • Make the dough into small balls.
  • Now take 1 small ball. Place the dough on a board. Roll it into a log shape. Use palm to make the shape.
  • Cut the log into small pieces.
  • Use palm to make into mini-sized balls.
  • Sprinkle and dust flour on the balls. Keep them aside.
  • In a pan add water and boil. When the water reaches the roll boiling point add the tapioca balls.
  • First, the balls will settle down in the pan. Stir continuously to avoid sticking the balls in the pan. Cook the balls.
  • When the balls started floating on top of the water stir occasionally.Cook for 3 minutes.
  • Strain the balls and put the balls in cold water to stop the cooking process.
  • Keep these tapioca balls in water until we use them.
  • Boil water in a pan. Add brown sugar and mix well until it dissolves.
  • Strain the tapioca balls and add them in sugar syrup.
  • Cook this for 10 minutes until the sugar syrup becomes thick and the sugar syrup coats the tapioca balls.
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The outcome is a soft pearl. Weight watchers and health seekers should minimize bubble tea consumption as it has high calorie and less nutritional values. This recipe can be added in your recipe books for a once in a while treat.

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