Roasted rotisserie chicken
Roasted rotisserie chicken

Roasted or rotisserie chicken?

One of the recipes I wanted to try is this roasted rotisserie chicken. Due to hesitation and the fear of the outcome I postponed it several times. Finally, I pushed myself to try this with simple ingredients. Not to mention the result was excellent. My family loved this recipe.

I hope I will try the rotisserie chicken again with some interesting marinades, herbs, and spices. I paired the chicken with a simple mayo dressing.

Do I need to truss my chicken?

Trussing is the process of tying the chicken into a little bundle using twine and a toothpick. The trussing process ensures even cooking. Overcooking and burning of legs and wings can be prevented by this process. The breast part will not be overexposed to the heat.

If you are going to stuff the chicken that will help to retain the moisture of the breast meat. If you are not stuffing the only moisture the chicken will get is from the marinade you use and the moisture from the chicken’s own flesh. If you roasting the chicken in a tray along with vegetables then you may not need to truss the chicken.

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