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Dragon fruit ice cream

Ice cream! When you say the word you feel like melting. Ice creams are a favourite dessert or frozen food to enjoy for every special occasion. Ice creams give satisfaction no matter which flavour or brand you eat. The best ice cream gives the best feeling. Here I am making the dragon fruit ice cream. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with versatile taste and flavour.

Faloodeh is a traditional Iran dessert that includes vermicelli, dry fruits, nuts, jelly, and scoops of ice creams. This faloodeh/falooda is available in many countries with their distinctive flavours and adding of choices.

Kulfi is a milk-based ice cream flavoured with chopped nuts served on special occasions and parties either in an earthen pot/coloured plastic containers. They are also available in popsicle form.

Popsicles are fruit-flavoured cold treats that mainly have fruit juice, sugar, and colours if needed. Yogurt ice creams are the low-fat option of creamy cold treats with fruits, nuts, chocolate, flavoured cornflakes, fruit syrups/sauces to enjoy.

Vegan/vegetarian ice creams are using nothing more than coconut milk. Full-fat, creamy coconut milk. Other vegan milk substitutes, like almond milk or soy milk, are also used.

Fruit-based ice creams are healthier when comparing generic sugar-loaded artificial flavour loaded ice creams. This potassium-rich,antioxidant-rich, fibre-rich fruit is a treat itself. The omeg3 rich seeds of dragon fruit is an added benefit not to miss.

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