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Simple sunday lunch platter with ghee rice,vegetarian dalcha,meat kebab,broccoli stir fry
Simple sunday lunch platter with ghee rice,vegetarian dalcha,meat kebab,broccoli stir fry

This protein-rich gluten-free lunch platter was our lunch for last Sunday. I always try to accommodate healthy foods for the tiring Sunday as I used to do most grocery shopping and meal prepping for the coming week.

Our Sunday routine will be packed with a lot of preparations for the coming week. So we will try to complete most of the work in the afternoon to spend some family time or watch some movie with kids to re-energise for the next Monday.

So I ended up making a protein-rich gluten-free lunch platter which I can use multiple burners at the same time and don’t need to spend on one particular time-consuming dish.

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This lunch recipes comes under the healthy and hearty meals category.

Protein-rich gluten-free lunch platter contains

  • Healthy ghee rice– A ghee-free version of the famous ghee rice which can be accompanied with non-veg curries, vegetarian masala or dal curries.
  • Mutton/Mincemeat kebab|Non-veg starter-A flavourful non-veg starter includes mild spice and condiments. Best when paired with any traditional meals too.
  • Broccoli-Asparagus stir fry- A simple stir-fry contains broccoli, asparagus, garlic and seasoning.
  • Vegetarian Dalcha-A vegetarian pulse stew includes vegetables and best when paired with vegetarian/non-veg biryani, pulao and variety rice.

I already posted the healthy ghee rice and dacha curry. I added the Dalcha curry recipe in make ahead freezer friendly list too. I will try to prepare the Dalcha in large quantities to batch freeze whenever possible as my family likes this curry a lot. I will post the broccoli-asparagus stir fry and simple mutton kebab in the coming days.

This platter covers the gluten-free, high-protein need too. This platter can be used as an office lunch recipe or lunchbox recipe for an energetic day.

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