Jackfruit rice cake | pala pazham/chakka kinnathappam

Today Jackfruit steam cake/Jackfruit rice cake is on my plate for an evening snack. By the way, what is Kinnathappam? You could have identified this recipe’s origin by this time with the word of appam. ‘Kinnam’ is a word used for a small plate. It’s another South Indian delicacy to enjoy. Again this recipe is commonly made in and around Kerala and Tamilnadu-Kerala border regions.

Kinnathappam is made with or without eggs. But you can’t miss coconut either way. Regular Kinnathappam used to be in white\off-white colour and of course, it is soft, fluffy & moist on a sweet note. Some recipes include cumin seeds to enhance the taste and aroma.

I used to make the regular white Kinnathappam using soaked rice and grinding them into a nice paste. The Kinnathappam making process is time-consuming and energy-draining though.

Today, I am making the easy and yet tasty Kinnathappam which skips the soaking process. This recipe uses store-bought rice flour to ease up the batter preparation. Jackfruit recipes are delicate and mouth-watering, be it a jackfruit Ada, Kozhukkattai. Jackfruit is consumed as a fruit mostly and used in very few recipes.

What is special about this steamed Jackfruit rice cake?

This Jackfruit Kinnathappam is an aromatic dessert that no one should miss even if you are not a Jackfruit lover. The sweetness from the Jackfruit and the Jaggery/brown sugar blends together well with the rice flour and teaches to the heavenly taste.

This steamed rice flour cake is the best to try for Celiac and gluten-free diet preferences. This gluten-free cake will take place in your gluten-free recipes list to enjoy it frequently.

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